KIP REIT Structure

KIP REIT Management Sdn Bhd is the manager of KIP REIT. The Manager undertakes the primary management activities in relation to KIP REIT. The Manager's main responsibility is to manage KIP REIT's assets and liabilities for the benefit of the Unitholders, set the strategic direction of KIP REIT and give recommendations to the Trustee on the acquisition, divestment and enhancement of assets of KIP REIT in accordance with its stated investment strategy. The Manager is an indirect wholly-owned company of the Promoters through Kip Homes Sdn Bhd.

Dato' Chew Lak Seong and Dato’ Eric Ong kook Liong are both the Promoters of KIP REIT. The Promoters are both the co-founders of the KIP group of companies. Their expertise include property development and investment, hospitality, retail design and development, project management, corporate management, leasing and retail development conceptualisation.

Pacific Trustees Berhad is the trustee of KIP REIT. The Trustee provides corporate trusteeship services for KIP REIT.

Azmi & Co. (Shah Alam) Sdn Bhd is the property manager of KIP REIT. The Property Manager is responsible for providing property management services to manage, operate, maintain and market the Subject Properties upon the terms and conditions of the Property Management Agreement.

The following diagram illustrates the structure of KIP REIT and indicates the relationship between KIP REIT, the Manager, the Trustee, the Property Manager and the Unitholders: